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Pretty bad

Its pretty bad man, let me tell you why:
1. It lacked any sort of coherent plot
2. The animation was absent, other than him zipping across the screen
3. The music overlaps when you replay the flash
4. Too short
5. Play and Replay buttons were identical
6. No Background

This really doesn't need to be on Newgrounds. Next time you make a flash, try to watch it after you've made it, and see if you enjoyed watching it other than for the fact that you made it. If you DON'T want to watch it, what makes you think other people would?

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DrunkenMonkey123 responds:

Hey, if people didn't want this to be on newgrounds, they would have blammed it. It's not been blammed. I agree with your six points, though.


This had a really good idea for a plot, executed perfectly. I usually never give 10/10 stars, but this had me laughing out loud in real life. Nice job

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Too Obnoxious

The animation is pretty good, as well as the drawings. It may just be me, but there are far too many flash animations on NG that have the "random" as their main plot. And the music needs to be fixed so it isn't ear-death to headphone users.

C-leb responds:

Yea, sorry for the lack of originality bro. haha. It's just that I used random in my titles for like 4 years. My series on youtube is called Randomness. But I know what you mean. One can only be so random without it getting old.

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Personally, I enjoyed the introduction. It balances out the body of the song, it felt like traversing through a landscape. With ups and down, speeding up and slowing down, I would keep it in.

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AkselJ responds:

Thanks! I'm glad someone finally agrees with me on that one. :)


This song actually had my head bobbing to the baseline, that is what I look for in electro! Keep it up!

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DJ-Hectic responds:

Thanks for the review bro, happy you enjoyed it!


Thank you so much for making this piece of music. It fits perfectly with a scene I am creating in Flash, I was really hoping you'd let me use it. I would, obviously, give you credit for the work.

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Sheodon responds:

Hey. I'm glad you enjoyed my work. You can use it, but don't forget to credit me AND send me the result as a P.M. or e-mail (I like to check how other people used my works for their own).

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